DIO-24 DIO-48 DIO-144 / DIO-96 DIO-64

  24/48/96/144 BIT OPTO-22 compatible DIO Board
DIO-64  32DI+32DO+Timer;

Functional Description
The DIO-144 Provides 144 TTL digital I/O lines. THe DIO24/48/96 provides 24/48/and 96 IO lines. All boards emulate 8255 mode 0 and has an increased output current capability of 15 mA (source) and 64 mA (sink), allowing to control LED, relay, etc. The DIO 24 has 3 8 bit ports while DIO-144 consists of eighteen 8 bit bi-directional ports and 2 input lines for interrupt enable and interrupt. The 8 bit ports are named port A(PA), port B(PB), port C(PC). The port C can be split into two four bits. All ports are configured as inputs upon power-up or reset. The DIO-144 use 4 I/O address. The base address is selectable from 200 to 3FF hex. The interrupt signal can be connected to any of the interrupt levels 2 through 7.

Functional Description
The DIO-64  provides 32 digital  input channels , 32 output channels and 6 counter/timer channels The DIO-64 consists of two 16 bit input port and two 16 bit output port  . The user can use the  DB-16P ( or 782 series ) to. Connect the input port (CN2,CN4) for isolation purpose. The user can use DB-16R (or 785 series) to interface to the output port (CN1,CN3) for relay control. There are four clock source , 2M , 1M , 500K , 250K , on the board . The user can choose any one by jumper setting .The user can take the frequency from the soldering pad. On board Timer/Counter provides 3 channel for frequency measure , event counting and pulse generation. The optional 8254 provides 3 channel for interrupt use.
  •  Factory automation
  •  Product test
  •  Test automation
  •  Digital I/O control
  •  Alarm monitoring
Ordering Informatin 
DIO-144 : 144-bit Digital I/O Board
DIO-96 : 96-bit Digital I/O Board
DIO-48 : 48-bit Digital I/O Board
DIO-24 : 24-bit Digital I/O Board
DIO-64 : 64-bit Digital I/O + Counter timer Board
Option :
DB-24P :  24-channel Photo Couple Isolated Digital Input Daughter Board
DB-24R  : 24-channel Relay Output Daughter Board
DB-24C : 24-channel Open-collector Output Daughter Board
DB-16P8R : 16-channel Isolated Digital Input And 8-channel Relay Output Daughter Board
DB-24POR : 24-channel Photo Mos Relay Output Daughter Board
DB-24PR : 24-channel Power Relay Output Daughter Board
DB-24SSR : 24-channel SSR Output Daughter Board
Software :
  • NAPWIN : Software Toolkit for Windows 95/98
  • NAPWNT: Software Toolkit for Windows NT 4.0
  • NAPVIEW: Software Toolkit for LabVIEW

  • NAPX:ActiveX Control (OCX) for Windows 95/98/NT
  • Double side SMT , short card, power saving
  • DIO-144 : 144 digital I/O lines 
    DIO-96  : 96 digital I/O lines DIO-48  : 48 digital I/O lines DIO-24  : 24 digital I/O lines DIO-64  : 64 digital I/O lines + Counter Timer
  • Emulate 8255 mode 0 (Basic Input / Output mode)
  • Buffer output for higher driving capability than 8255
  • Register compatible to 722 series
  • Programmable interrupt handling
  • DIO-144 : Six 50-pin Header 
    DIO-96   : Four 50-pin Header
    DIO-48   : Two 50-pin Header
    DIO-24   : One 50-pin Header
    DIO-64   : 4*20 pin Header + solder-pads
  • Output status readback

 Logic inputs and output  

Input logic high voltage


Input logic low voltage


Input load current


Output sink current


Output source current

Power consumption +5V @ 900 mA typical
Environmental ¡@
Operating Temperature 0 to 60 deg/C
Storage Temperature -20 to 80 deg/C
Humility  0 to 90 % non-condensing
Dimension 182mm x 110 mm