i-7080: Counter/Frequency Module
i-7080D: I-7080 with display
Számláló / fr. mérő modul

Counter Input
Channels: 2 independent 32 bit counters
 Input frequency: 100Khz max.
 Input mode: Isolated or non-isolated
 Isolation input levels:
       Logic level 0:+1V max.
       Logic level 1: +3.5 to 30V
 Isolation voltage: 3750Vrms
 Non-Isolation input level: Programmable
 Threshold voltage
      Logic level 0:0 to +5V
      Logic level 1: 0 to +5V
 Input pulse width: > 10us
 Maximum count: 32 bit
 Programmable digital noise filter: 8 us to 262 ms
 Alarming: high/low alarm comparator on counter 1
Display(for I-7080D)
LED Indicator : 5-digit, CH0 or CH1
Frequency Measurement
  Range: 1Hz to 100kHz
 Programmable built-in gate time: 1.0/0.1sec

Digital Output: same as I-7011
Power consumption
  2W for I-7080
 2.2W for I-7080D

Download Manual: 7080.pdf