ISO-DA16 / DA8 Series 

  12 bits 8 / 16 channel Isolated analog output board

Function Description
    The ISO-DA8/16 is bus-type isolated 12-bit D/A card for PC/AT compatible computers. The optical isolation of the ISO-DA8/16 can operate with up to 500Vrms of common-mode voltage.
The ISO-DA8/16 offers 8/16 channel double-buffered analog output. The output range may be configured from these range : +/-10V, +/-5V, 0~10V, 0~5V voltage output or 4 to 20mA  or 0 to 20mA  current loop sink.
The board*s innovative design improve several drawbacks  of the conventional isolated D/A card . For example :
1.The speed is faster; up to 100KHz
2. The sampling rate can be programmable
3. On board FIFO buffer support gap-free D/A conversion.  and work well in NT and 95 environment.
4. High channel count output can be designed implemented in half size.
5. The calibration is performed under software control, thus eliminating manual trimpot adjustments. The calibration data is stored in EEPROM. Easy recalibration ensures the accuracy of the board.
6. The safe value of analog output can be pre-defined by the user . The user don*t have to worry the hardware or software failures of the PC.

  •  AT bus
  •  500VDC photo-isolation protection
  •  8/16 channel, 12-bit analog output
  •  Build in FIFO for continuous throughput
  •  Maximum 100KHz , 12 bit voltage output
  •  Unipolar or bipolar outputs available from each converter
  •  Voltage/ current outputs from each converter
  •  Output Type ( Unipolar or Bipolar ) and output range ( 0~5v,+/- 5V,0~10V,+/- 10V) can be jumper selectable
  •  4-20mA current sink to ground from each converter
  •  On board reference of -10 V or -5V ( jumper selectable)
  •  Double-buffered D/A latches with simultaneous update for each 4 channel group (channels: 0-3,4-7,8-11,12-15)
  •  Command set programming

  •  Software Calibration


  •  Programmable voltage source
  •  Programmable current sink
  •  Harsh environment operation
  •  Process control

Ordering Informatin 
:16-channel Bus Isolated Analog Output Board
ISO-DA8   :8-channel Bus Isolated analog Output Board

Option :
DN-37 : 37-Pin D-sub connector Screw terminal Board
DB-37 : (Direct connect )
37-pin D-sub connector Screw terminal Board
Software :
  • NAPWIN : Software Toolkit for Windows 95/98
  • NAPWNT: Software Toolkit for Windows NT 4.0
  • NAPVIEW: Software Toolkit for LabVIEW

  • NAPX:ActiveX Control (OCX) for Windows 95/98/NT

Analog Outputs

D/A converter  Sipex Quad 12-Bit MDAC
Channels  8/16 independent
Resolution :  12 bits
Type double-buffered, multiplying
Integral linearity 0.006% FSR ; typical
Differential linearity 0.006 % FSR ; typical

Voltage Output Range
Unipolar 0~5V or 0~10V
Bipolar +/-10Vor,+/- 5V
Current drive  +/-5mA
Absolute accuracy 0.01% FSR typical
Power on state 0V bipolar ; 5V unipolar
Current Output Range
Current output 0-20mA or 4-20mA
Absolute Accuracy 0.1% FSR typical
Excitation voltage range + 7 V to +40V
Power On state 4mA bipolar , 12mA Unipolar
Offset temperature coefficient +/- 50mV/ deg C
Gain temperature coefficient +/- 10ppm (C)
General Environmental
Power Requirements: ISO-DA8 +5VDC @800mA max. 
ISO-DA16+5VDC @1400mA max.
Operating temp 0-50 deg/ C
Storage temp  -20  to  70 deg/C
Humility  0 to 90%  non-condensing
Dimensions   182 mm x 122 mm