12-channel Timer/Counter Card

The PCI-TMC12 is a PCI-Bus general purpose timer / counter and digital I/O board. It provides tweleve channels of 16-bit timer / counter. Tw internal clock source (8M / 1.6M and 0.8M / 80K) are selected by jumper. Four 8254 chips provides a variety of powerful timer / counter function modes to match your industrail and laboratory applications.

  • On board four 8254 timer / counter chips
  • Tweleve independent 16-bit timer/counter
  • Tweleve external clock input
  • Tweleve external gate control input
  • Twelve timer / Counter Output
  • 16-bit Timer / Counter can be cascated to 32 / 48 -bit
  • Gate input can be from external or previous timer / counter output
  • Four interrupt source
  • Two internal clock source
  • 16 channel of D/I
  • 16 channel of D/O
Input / Output Level TTL Level
Power consumption +5VDC@500mA
Environmental Operating Temp.: 0~60 deg C 
Storage Temp. : -20~80 deg C 
Humility : 0~90% non-condensing 
Dimension : 150mm X 105mm
PCI-TMC12 12-channel Timer/Counter Card
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