PIO-D56 / PIO-D24

PCI-BUS Digital I/O Board



  • PCI bus
  • Up to 56/24(PIO-D56/PIO-D24) channels of digital I/O 
  • All I/O lines buffered on the board
  • Eight-bit groups independently selectable for I/O on 24-bit port
  • Input / Output programmable I/O ports under software control
  • Double side SMD, short card.
  • Connects directly to DB-24PR, DB-24PD, DB-24RD, DB-24PRD, DB-16P8R, DB-24POR, DB-24SSR, DB-24C or any OPTO-22 Compatible daughter boards
  • 4 interrupt sources: PC0,PC1,PC2,PC3
  • One DB37 connector, two 20-pin headers(only for PIO-D56)
  • High driving capability
  • Automatically detected by windows 95/98/NT

  • No base address or IRQ switches to set
The PIO-D24 provides 24 TTL digital I/O lines. The PIO-D24 consists of three  8-bit bi-direction ports. The 8 bit port are named port A (PA), port B (PB),port C  (PC). All port is configured as inputs upon power-up or reset. The PIO-D24 has one D-Sub connector,.  It can be installed in a 5 V PCI bus and can support truly "Plug & Play".

The PIO-D56 provides 24-bit bi-direction digital I/O and 16-bit digital inputs and 16-bit digital outputs. The 24-bit bi-direction digital I/O use 37-pin D-sub connector. The 16-bit digital I/O use 20-pin header.


  • All inputs are TTL compatible
  • Logic high voltage : 2.4V (Min.)
  • Logic low voltage : 0.8V (Max.)
  • All outputs are TTL compatible

OPTO-22 output (CON3)

  • Sink current : 64mA (Max.)
  • Source current : 32mA(Max.)

16-channel output (CON1)

  • Sink current : 8mA (Max.)
  • Source current : 0.4mA(Max.)


  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 60 deg/C
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 80 deg /C
  • Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 143mm X 105mm
  • Power Consumption: +5V @ 530mA/420mA(PIO-D56/PIO-D24)

Ordering Information 
PIO-D56: PCI-Bus 56 bit DIO Board
PIO-D24: PCI bus 24-bit DIO board
Includes software : NAPPCI/DOS
Daughter Board

DB-24PD: 24 channel isolated D/I board
DB-24RD: 24 channel relay board
DB-24PRD: 24 channel power relay board
DB-24POR: 24 channel Photo Mos Relay output board
DB-24SSR: 24 channel Solid State Relay output board
DB-24C: 24 channel open-collector output board

NAPWIN : Software Toolkit for Windows 95/98
NAPWNT: Software Toolkit for Windows NT 4.0
NAPVIEW: Software Toolkit for LabVIEW
NAPX:ActiveX Control (OCX) for Windows 95/98/NT