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PISO-813 PCI-BUS Isolated 32-channel Analog Input Board

Function Description

The PISO-813 is a bus-type isolated 12-bit A/D board for the PCI bus for IBM or compatible PC. It features a 10KHz data acquisition under DOS and Windows The PISO-813 provides 32 single-ended analog input, 16 digital input and 16 digital output.  The isolation range of PISO-813 is increased to 3000 V. It is the most cost effective isolated A/D board for the PCI Bus in the world. The PISO-813 has one 37-pin D-sub connector and two 20-pin headers. It cab be installed in a 5V PCI slot and can support trully “ Plug & Play “. If the user need high sampling rate, differential input and FIFO onboard isolated A/D card for the PCI Bus, please refer to  PISO-AD32. 

Analog Input Specifications 
  • Channels : 32 single-ended 
  • Resolution : 12 bits
  • Conversion rate : 10KS/s max.
  • Input impedance : 10 M?
  • Overvoltage protection : +/-35V
  • Accuracy : 0.01% of reading  +/- 1 bit
  • Linearity : +/- 1 bit
  • On chip sample & hold
  • Zero drift : +/-25ppm/?C of FS max.
  • Power Requirements: +5V @850mA max.

General Environmental

  • Operating temp  0-50°C
  • Storage temp    -20  to  70°C
  • Humility       0 to 90% non-condensing
  • Dimensions 

  • 180 mm x 105 mm
  •  PCI Bus
  •  32 single-ended analog input channels 
  •  12-bit A/D converter ( ADS 774 or equivalent)
  •  3,000Vdc photo-isolation protection
  •  Analog input range

  • Bipolar: +/-10V,+/-5 V, +/-2.5V, +/-1.25V, +/-0.625V 
    Unipolar: 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1.25V
  •  Programmable gain control
  •  3000V DC/DC converter built-in 
  •  A/D trigger mode: Software Trigger
  •  A/D data transfer mode : polling

Pin Assignment

Ordering   Information
  • PISO-813: 32 channel isolated analog input board
  • Includes software: NAPDOS


  • DB-8325: Daughter board with signal conditioning circuitry
  • DB-37: Directly connect signals to the back of ISO-813
  • DN-37: I/O connector block with DIN rail mounting and 37-PIN D-SUB connector on it

Software :

  • NAPWIN : Software Toolkit for Windows 95/98
  • NAPWNT: Software Toolkit for Windows NT 4.0
  • NAPVIEW: Software Toolkit for LabVIEW

  • NAPX:ActiveX Control (OCX) for Windows 95/98/NT


  •  Data acquisition
  •  Harsh environment operation
  •  Signal isolation