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Szigetelt 64 open kollektoros kimenet és 64 bit opto szigetelt bemenet
Isolated 64 Open-Collector output Board and 64 opto input Board

Function Description

The PISO-C64 has 64 channels of optically isolated  digital outputs, arranged into two isolated banks.  Each digital output offers a darlington transistor and integral suppression diode for inductive load. Isolated output channels are designed into group C and Group D. The power supply of the input port may use the external power or the power from the PC side using DC/DC converter. The power supply of the output port should use the external power. This interface board is easily installed in any PC/AT/XT. The board interface to field logic signals, eliminating ground-loop problems and isolating the host computer from damaging voltages. The ISO-C64 has one 37-pin D-Sub Connector and one 40-pin male header. The 40-pin to DB-37 flat cable is used to fix with the case. The user can connect the digital signal through the second  D-Sub connector . Each D-Sub connector contains 32 output channels. 

The PISO-P64 has 64 channels of optically isolated digital inputs. All other features are the same as PISO-C64.

Isolation Output 
  • Type : Isolated open collector : 100mA per channel(NPN)
  • External voltage : 30V (Max.) Response time: 1Khz Typical

Isolation input 
  • Type : optical isolation : isolation voltage min 3kV.
  •  Power requirements : +5V 800mA (typical)
General Environmental
  • Operating temp  0-50˘XC
  • Storage temp    -20C  to  70C
  • Humility   0 to 90%  non-condensing
  • Dimensions 
  • 180 mm x 105 mm

Ordering Information
  • PISO-C64 :  64 channel isolated Digital Output Board
  • PISO-P64 :  64 channel isolated Digital Input Board
  • Includes software : NAPDOS


  • DB-37  Directly connect signals to the back of  PISO-C64 / PISO-P64
  • DN-37  I/O Connector Block with DIN Rail Mounting and 37-PIN D-SUB Connector
  •  64-channel optically isolated digital output /open collector for C64 
  •  64-channel optically isolated digital inputs for P64 
  •  Four isolated bank. 
  •  3750V DC isolation voltage
  •  Factory Automation
  •  Product Test
  •  Laboratory Automation

Pin Assigment

Pin Assigment

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