PCI-BUS 3-Axis Servo Motor Control Board

The PISO-PS300 is a 3-axis Pulse command type, servo motor control board. The embedded CPU of PISO-PS300 performs the motion command transferred from host-PC via a 2K bytes FIFO. It also sends the position and status to host-PC via another 2K bytes FIFO. This buffer provides time buffer and it is very suitable for windows operating system. This board provides DOS, windows 95 and windows NT drivers.

Ordering Information

PISO-PS300 : 3-Axis Pulse-command Servo motor control board

Include : 

9-pin D-sub connector x 2
25-pin D-sub connector x 2


DB-200 : 9-pin and 25-pin Screw Terminal Board
DB-8R : 8-chanel Power Relay & 8-channel Isolated Digital Input Daughter Board


  • 3-axis Pulse-command servo motor board
  • Embedded CPU
  • Max. Pulse rate : 1.5MHz
  • Encoder readback
  • 3 Axis linear interpolation, Circular interpolation
  • Programmable trapezidal speed profile
  • Programmable DDA cycle
  • Hardware emergency stop
  • DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT driver
  • 8 digital input, 7 digital output
  • Dimensions : 208mm X 121mm