Functional Description

The DB-24P is a 24 channel isolated digital input daughter board for DIO24,DIO48,DIO144 OPTO-22 Compatible digital input board or any 722,724, digital input board . The optically isolated inputs of the DB-24P consist of a bi-directional opto-couple with a resistor for current sensing . You can use the DB-24P to sense DC signal from TTL levels up to 24V. You can also use DB-24P to sense a wide range of AC signals. The DB-24 P registers a constant logic high if the frequency of the input AC signal is greater or equal to 1 kHz, and if the voltage of the AC signal is at least 4Vrms. If you are using AC input signal ,you must short the AC filter Jumper. You can use the board to isolate the computer from large common-mode voltages ,ground loops, and voltage spikes that often occur in industrial environments. 

  •   Optically isolated digital input channels 
  •   Connects directly to DIO24,DIO48,DIO144 OPTO-22 compatible digital input card or any 722,724 OPTO-22   compatible  digital input board. 
  •  AC/DC Signal Input 
  •  AC Signal Input with filter 
  •  Input buffer with voltage comparators 


  •   Isolated digital input sensing 
  •   Testing Automation 

Ordering Information (DB-24P)

DB-24P  : 24-channel isolated digital input daughter board
DB-24P/DIN: DB-24P with DIN-Rail mounting

CA-5015 : 50-Pin flat cable 1.5m

CA-5010 : 50-pin flat cable 1.0m
CA-5020 : 50-pin flat cable 2.0m

Ordering Information (DB-24PD)

DB-24PD : DB-24P with 37-pin D-sub connector
DB-24PPD/DIN : DB-24PPD DB-24PD with DIN-Rail mountong

CA-3710 : 37-pin D-sub Connector cable 1m

CA-5010 : 50-pin flat cable 1.0m
CA-5020 : 50-pin flat cable 2.0m
CA-3720 : 37-pin D-sub connector cable 2.0m

  • I/O connector Electrical Specifications 
  • Configuration : 24 optically isolated digital input channels 
  • Compatibility : TTL compatible 
  • Digital Input 
  • Number of channels : 24,each with its own ground reference isolated from other channels 
  • Maximum input voltage :24 VDC or 24 VAC 
  • Digital Logic Level 
LEVEL  Minimum   Maximum 
Input low voltage  (DC or peak AC)  +/-1V 
Input high voltage  DC /1kHz AC  +/-2.8VDC ?  4Vrms  +/-24VDC  24VAC 
  • Input impedance : 1.2k 
  • Source Current 

        5V inputs   : 4mA/channel minimum 
        24V inputs  : 20mA/channel minimum 

  • Response Time :20us without filter / 2.2ms with filter 
  • Power Supplies  : +5v :336mA /maximum 
  • Board Dimension : 220 mm x 132 mm 
  • Operating Temperature : 0 -60?C 
  • Storage Temperature : -20-70?C 

  • Humility : 5% to 90 %  noncondensing
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