16 channel Angalog Multiplexer Board

Functional Description

The DB-889D is an expansion multiplexer/ amplifier board for use with A-82X, PCI-1800 series  818 families. Each 889D multiplexes 16 differential analog input channels into one analog input of the DAS board. The high grade instrumentation provides software  programmable gains of 0.5 ,1,5 ,10,50, 100, 500,and 1000. 
Thermocouple measurement are handled easily with 889D. The board includes cold-junction sensing and compensation circuitry that provides a scaling of 24.4 mV/?C. Biasing resistors are includes for open thermocouple detection. The 889D can be cascaded to a total of 128 channels of voltage measurements or 112 channel of thermocouple measurement 

  • Connects directly to A-82X, PCI-1800 series DAS board or 818 families with D-sub 37-pin connectors. 
  • Cold-junction compensation for thermocouples, thermocouple open detection Input filtering 
  • Software-programmable Instrumentation amplifier Gain of 0.5,1,5,10,50,100,500,1000 
  • Daisy chain to 10 pcs of DB-889D 


  • Energy management 
  • Signal conditioning 
  • Analog multiplexer 
Ordering Information 

DB-889D : 16-channel Analog input mux Board

CA-3710 : 37-pin D-sub connector cable 1m
CA-2010 : 20-pin flat cable 1m


Gain  Common Mode Rejection  Nonlinearity %of FSR  Settling Time
0.5  99dB  +/-0.0004  ?23us 
 1  99dB  +/-0.0004      23us 
114dB  +/-0.0004     28us 
10  114dB  +/-0.0004     28us 
50  123dB  +/-0.0004    140us 
100  123dB  +/-0.0004    140us 
500  123dB  +/-0.0008  1300us 
1000 123dB  +/-0.0008  1300us 
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