Harsh Environments

The ICPCON 8000 family has been designed to operate in harsh,electrically noisy environments. This has been achieved through attention to the following: - 

  • Input Protection circuitry:

The protection circuitry on both the network and power supply protects the system from external signals such as main spikes and ambient electrical noise. In addition the central processing module is isolated three ways from external signals.  This through I/O isolation of 3KV, power isolation to 3KV and network isolation to 2.KV

  • High performance integrated power supply:-

The in built isolated 20W power supply is rated to perform linearly up to full loading.

  • Built in Watchdog

The built-in watchdog circuit will reset the CPU module if there is a failure in either the hardware or software. If the application program does not refresh the watch dog timer over 1.6 sec, the watch dog circuit will initiate a reset of the CPU.

  • Operating Temperature Range

The product is designed to operate over a very wide temperature range from ¡V25¢XC to +75¢XC