What is Matlab ?

From now on, get rid of hand coding.

The fastest and easiest solution to implement your real-time embedded designs and control system development.


The Matlab Embedded Controller are designed to work with MATLAB (6.0) / Simulink / Real Time Workshop Embedded Coder and Stateflow / Stateflow Coder (optional) for industry applications. It equipped with various I/O (DI/DOˇBAD/DAˇBRS232/485 and Ethernet Interface) and can be used in harshness environment. Over 30 IO Bridge and system-level Simulink blocksets  have been developed. These blocksets has been integrated to work with StateflowˇBRTW and  Coders. By using Simulink developing environment and Matlab Embedded Controllerˇ¦s  blocksets, application algorithm such as: Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorˇBData Acquisition ˇBTimer ˇBAddressable RS232/Ethernet Protocol Converter and PLC applications can be easily constructed and verified. Once the algorithm been verified, user can convert model to executionable code and downloading to controller by just one click. Hand coding is no longer needed when using RP Controller. Engineer can more focus on algorithm design and system validations.

BenefitsˇG1. Magically compress your design cycle 2. Small but smart 3. Easy to use, easy to design 4. Robust itself 5. Strong technical support 6. Cost-effective solution.

Software Requirement: MATLABˇBSimulinkˇBStateflowˇBReal-Time WorkshopˇBReal-Time Workshop Embedded Coder